Marketing/Publishing Your New Job

In this final step you can choose the job publishing and marketing options that are relevant to your job. This is an area that is customisable so you may not see all the options below. If any of the options below are missing but you would like them enabled for your system please contact the support team (

Publishing Options

Options include:

Your websites

  •        Website: This will publish the job to you jobs page or jobs table that is either linked to your website (jobs page) or embedded in your website (jobs table).
  •        Intranet: We are able to provide an additional jobs table that can be embedded in your intranet, so you can publish jobs only for internal applicants to see. This feature also comes with a free additional internal application form, as the application process for internal applicants is likely to differ from what you expect of external applicants (for Professional & Premium edition customers only).


  •        hireful offer managed online recruitment campaigns (see for more info). These are integrated with your ATS so that applicants will view your adverts and be redirected to apply back into your ATS. If you select this option here, a pop up box will appear allowing you to confirm which type of campaign you would like to run (depending on the credits that you have purchased with hireful) and place comments/notes to alert us about more information on the job.

Clicking the Run Campaign button will trigger an email to our recruitment team who will draft an advert and posting proposal for you to review and then confirm if you’d like to proceed.

Social media

All of the below social media options require the customer to have integrated their social media accounts with our service. If you’re interested in doing this then contact our support team who will be able to provide you further details (

  •        Twitter: When you select this option you are able to publish a tweet about this new job to your twitter page.  
  •        Facebook: When you select this option you are able to publish an update about this new job to your Facebook page.  
  •        Linkedin: When you select this option you are able to publish an update about this new job to your Linkedin company page.  

Job boards

The options below allow you to automatically publish to a selection of job boards. With hundreds of job boards available in the UK, our focus has been to enable publishing to the most universally relevant job boards, including the free to use job boards that we suspect a large majority of our customer base will want to use. If there’s a job board that you would like to post to that is not included below, please contact our support team (01933 667126 or and they’ll be able to log your request for the Product team to review.

Each of these job board options needs to be enabled for you, so if you see an option below that is not enabled please contact our support team.

When you select the option to publish to job boards you might be asked to provide some additional information about your job. This is because the job board has some additional fields that will help further categorise your job. It’s always a good idea to complete as many of these fields as possible to ensure your job is correctly categorised on the job board.

  •        Indeed: When you select this option your job will be published to Indeed. If you request for Indeed to be enabled then all jobs that you publish to your website will be published to Indeed. See for more information.
  •        Glassdoor: When you select this option your job will be published to Glassdoor. See for more information.
  •        Publish to Jobcentre/Universal Jobmatch: When you select this option your job will be published to Universal JobMatch. See for more information.

Job Alerts (Instant Feature)

If you have job alerts enabled in your ATS then all applicants who register for job alerts can be notified via email about this new job. All you need to do is select "email details of this job to job alert registrants?" and then choose the relevant salary range and region that would apply to this job.

When you select "Get Count" the system will run a search and let you know how many applicants meet this criteria and will receive the email alert.

This help page here will show you how the system can help you easily build a database of job alert registrants, see:

This is how the email to a job alert registrant will look:


Automated Tracking

All of the above options will post a specific link to each different website/social media site. This individual link will contain some tracking code which will allow the system to automatically track where the applicant came from. So applicants will see the question "How did you hear about this role?" on the pre-application page, but they will not be able to change it as it is set. See below for a visual example:

This allows us to produce more accurate reports on which sources are producing you relevant applicants as we are not relying on the applicant choosing the right option.

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