Main Front Screen

When you have logged into the Hiring Manager portal, you will be directed to the main screen shown below:


  1. Jobs Tab - This allows you to view the jobs assigned to you within the portal.
  2. Interview Calendar - This allows you to view interviews booked through the ATS
  3. Filter Option – This allows you to filter which roles show on the ATS.
  4. Recruiter option – This allows you to filter jobs by their assigned recruiter
  5. Jobs List - This lists all of the active jobs on the ATS.
  6. Search Bar – This allows you to search for jobs on the ATS.
  7. Advanced filters – The toggles the Recruiter filter box.
  8. Vacancy Approval Form – For Premium ATS customers, a bespoke vacancy approval form can be created in the system for Hiring Managers/Recruiters to complete.
  9. Make suggestion – This allows you to send any feature requests to the product team.
  10. Help – This will provide a detailed breakdown of the current section you are viewing.
  11. News Feed -This is a new feature that keeps you up to date with new announcements, features and updates regarding the ATS.
  12. Notifications – Notifications are stored here.
  13. Profile & Settings Button – This will allow you to edit your profile, view the careers page linked to the ATS, access the help section and logout of the ATS. Notifications Tab - This will provide you with notifications within the ATS such as new candidates, status updates etc

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