Applicant Scoring


For ATS clients that have the scoring module enabled, Hiring Managers will see an extra tab in their applicant record view called scoring (1), from this screen the hiring manager will be able to see the uploaded documents from the candidate on the right hand side, and any additional competency based questions answered by the applicant during their application (2). The Hiring manager will be able to see the scrong guidelines (3) and the criteria on which they will scoring the applicant on the left hand side (4).The scoring is completed by the hiring manager selecting a score against each scoring criteria (5). Additional comments can be added to each applicant in the space provided (6).

Once an applicant has been scored the next applicant will be loaded into view until all available applicants for this role have been scored.

Upon completion of scoring, the Hiring manager will be shown a message stating all applicants have been scored, clicking Close returns you to the jobs page.

Created 4 years ago by Jamie Denny
Updated 10 months ago by Jamie Denny