Bespoke Reports

The ATS comes with dozens of pre-built reports that cover all the key areas sich as source of hire, time to hire, diversity etc. In addition, to these reports Professional and Premium edition customers can also request for bespoke reports to be built for them. We charge for these reports but it means you get the reports you need built to your exact specifications. 

Requesting a new bespoke report

Bespoke reports are individually built and as such we need to charge each customer for them. The cost is based on the time spent on the report which is why we strongly recommend you provide as much detail as possible at the start of the process. This will allow our team to give you a reasonable estimate of the time. 

If you have an idea for a new bespoke report then we would suggest you email with details on the report you are looking for us to quote you for. 

Providing details on your bespoke reports

In order to accuaretly quote you for a bespoke report, we would recommend that you ideally provide: 

  • You provide detailed notes
  • If you report is for a table then we will need an example excel table with clear headings (see below for an example)

Please note: If you fail to mention any requirements to us at the start of the project which you then require incorporating into the project this will likely increase the price. The team have also been instructed not to quote for reports that they do not feel confident that they fully understand. In this scenario a call might be the best option and the team are always on hand to make themselves available for call. 



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