Assigning Costs to a Role

For Premium ATS customers, there is the option to assign costs against a role, and then report of this information within the system.

To assign a cost against a role, on the jobs page, click on the 3 blue dots next to the role that you wish to assign the cost against, and select the option "Assign Cost".


The following pop up box appears. The job title of the role will be automatically populated for you.

The currency field defaults to GBP, however you can change this from the dropdown list if required.

Input the cost in the "Amount" field. This could be the cost of a hireful campaign credit, or the agency fee that you will be paying for that candidate.

You can also assign an internal cost to the role should you wish.

The invoice date defaults to the current date. However, clicking on the date will bring up a calendar which will allow to change the invoice date.

Finally select the source of where this cost will be coming from. The dropdown list contains all of the sources set within your ATS.

If you select Recruitment Agency from the list, an additional box will then appear where you can select which candidate you want the cost to be assigned against. The agency will then be automatically selected when you pick the candidate. Once you have picked the candidate, click "Save".


Created 4 years ago by Jamie Denny
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