The ATS has an anonymisation setting on it which allows clients to have candidate's personal details (name, email address, contact details) hidden from view. This can be great for clients that are looking for screening from an unconscious bias perspective.

The 5 key features of anonymisation are: 

All contact and sensitive information will be hidden (Name, contact details and then any other fields that clients would like to be made sensitive)

Admin users of the system will have the ability to “unlock” the anonymised information (See Figure 1 below) this includes personal details and sensitive information.


Even if Admins have “unlocked” this information, it will still be anonymised so Hiring Managers won’t be able to see it even if an Admin user has “unlocked” it.

Hiring Managers will only find out the name of the candidate if they are chosen as an interviewer and receive the interviewer confirmation email.

When an Admin user logs out of the system, then all of the “unlocked” information will then be locked away again so when that when the user logs in next time all of the candidates will be anonymised.

However, there is an important consideration to be mindful of and that clients would need to be aware of with anonymisation:

Once it is enabled, it cannot be switched off and the system will no longer be able to accept CV’s.

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