Accessing Reports

The reporting suite in the ATS has recently been upgraded. These reports cover a wide variety of areas that provide detailed information around your campaigns and candidates.

To access the reports, from the main screen, click on the reports icon on the left hand side.

You will then be taken through to the new reporting dashboard section. This provides you with an overview of everything that has occured within the ATS and covers:

1. Applicant Summary - The different statuses that applicant's are at within the system.

2.  Total Applicant Funnel - A graphical representation of the funnel of applicants as they apply and then shortlisted, interviewed, offered and hired.

3. Time at Stage - This graph shows how long (in hours) applicants are spending at the applied, shortlisted, interviewed and offered status groups.

4. Applicant Completion - The chart shows you the percentage of complete to incomplete applications.

5. Applicant Source - This chart shows you the source of of application.

The dashboard will by default show you the information for all active vacancies. However there is the option the filter the dashboard by each active job.



There is also a suite of standard reports, which go into further detail of the data that is available within the ATS. These reports are:

1. Job Summary - This report gives you a general overview of the details of each job and also states the dates the job was created on the ATS and then published. This report can be filtered by date range, Recruiter, Job Status type, Location, Region, Department, Brand, Hiring Manager, Contract type and Job type.

2. Job Breakdown - This report provides you with data around the different status that applicant's have been updated to. The report also gives you the number of complete and incomplete application statistics, and the completion percentage for each role.